Creator of Counter Sleds and BattleHex game aids
for wargames, historical simulations, board games.
Add "Fog of war" to existing games by concealing counters
Make games that include inverted counters easier to play
Speed play by reducing "stack examination" and "odds optimization"
Some players report Counter Sleds make their counters easier to pick-up/move
Introduce blank counters into the counter mix for play balance
Make solitaire play more challenging
Paint them for a custom look - SEE PHOTO BELOW
See our customer photos section or try these links to reviews/comments on-line:
BoardGameGeek (BGG), Consimworld (CSW)
5/8" Counter Sleds hand painted by J. O'Neill to compliment  Fate of France - L2 Design Group
On the left the sleds perform their function and only the parent organization sleds are used.
On the right all of the Counter Sleds have been turned to show the counters.
Counter Sleds:
Provide significant elevation changes to enhance your play experience
Customizable - make the terrain you want
Combine into new geomorphic maps
Size #1 ~2.1" x 1/2", suitable for games like Memoir '44, BattleLore,
Commands and Colours, Battle Cry, Tide of Iron
Can be provided in other custom thicknesses, just ask!
See our customer photos page or try this link to an on-line review:
BoardGameGeek (BGG)
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